simplifying employee benefits

Streamline administering benefits, claims, tracking, and more for your outpatient benefits with our HR-friendly platform.

features to solve yesterday’s issues

Are your benefits one-size-fits-all?

reward employees with freedom and flexibility

Open up a digital benefits account for employees to take control of their own benefits with more choices.

Why pay more for unused benefits?

take control with self-funded benefits to never waste a dollar

Overpaying for insurance with low usage? Switch to a standalone outpatient benefits plan that helps control costs without compromising on benefits options.

why waste time
flipping paperworks?

easy access dashboard to view all recent activities at a glance

Empowering HR teams to have a pulse on the company’s benefits usage and activities in one portal. Eliminate the need to check through stacks of receipts and spreadsheets and spend more time on work that matters.

we offer panel and
services for your benefits arrangements

We’re also happy to provide a no obligations consultation to review your organisation’s needs and make our best recommendations.

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