Best practices for employers during COVID-19

January 30, 2020


Amidst the rising concerns of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), there are some best practices employers can take to manage the health and wellness of their teams. It is critical during this time to ensure that employees feel safe and that their concerns are being addressed respectfully.

1) Share reputable resources 

There has been an abundance of misinformation and click-bait headlines around this issue, it can be difficult to find accurate information. Refer your team to reputable sources, such as updates from the Ministry of Health Singapore and the World Health Organization

2) Sick leave policy reminder

This would be a timely opportunity to clarify with your team what the sick leave policy is so that employees know what their options are.

3) Reconsider travel plans

Travel for business should be considered on a case by case basis. Employers should try to minimise travelling if possible, especially in zones that are higher risk.

4) If an employee has travelled to China

If you have an employee that has travelled in the known affected regions in China, the Ministry of Manpower has issued a release on precautionary measures employers can take.

5) What if an employee thinks they have the virus? 

If an employee is concerned, they should follow these steps as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is important to emphasise to the employee that they should contact the clinic prior to visiting, so that the clinic staff is prepared. 

During this time, continue to listen to your employees needs and seek expert advice from reputable sources.

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