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September 6, 2018


Ever wondered what employees really want in their benefits plan? It's more than just the benefits coverage, it's the entire employee experience. With so many companies scrambling for the best manpower to grow their business, attracting and retaining talents is not an easy task. Companies must strive to provide employees an unforgettable workplace experience to keep them loyal and committed to the business.

We've previously explored 4 workplace experiences that millennials love, and the consumer-style benefits experience is just one of them. Want to know more? Let our co-founder Hadiyanto Wibawa answer all your questions in this webinar.

Zooming in on the benefits experience

What do employees expect in a benefits plan? Of course, coverage is important, but it is not everything. Employees are looking for benefits that are easy-to-understand, hassle-free and personalised. These all help to enhance the employee experience when interacting with health benefits, and make employees feel valued and appreciated.

Key takeaways:

  • The traditional way of handling employee benefits is mundane, slow and tedious.
  • Complex jargon used in benefits plans are confusing and difficult to understand.
  • One-size-fits-all benefits do not cater to everyone's needs and do not maximise the returns on investment.
  • Going digital and making use of new technologies can help businesses save money and time spent on benefits management.

Creating a positive benefits experience makes a big difference to your employees and could be the key to your organisation's success. Contrary to popular belief, adopting the use of technology need not be expensive - in fact, it could even help you save more!

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