Employee benefits satisfaction survey template

November 4, 2020


As we get ready for the new year, it calls for an opportunity for employers and HRs to look back and reflect on their organisation’s progress and processes. We know that this year in particular is a difficult one and many of our organisations’ practices and operations require a drastic change - especially employee health benefits plans. Before renewing on your current plan, why not take 5-10 minutes of your time to find out if employees have been effectively utilising them. Are there areas that can be improved such that it can be well-utilised by everyone?

If you’re not sure what questions to ask, we have created a free survey template to help you get started!

This survey will help your organisation address areas such as:

  • Employee satisfaction with their current benefits
  • Employees’ understanding of their current benefits
  • Employees’ most and least used healthcare services

This resource serves as a basic template, so we encourage all organisations to look through and add more questions that you feel is relevant and important for employees to better understand your health benefits plan.

Download your free employee benefits satisfaction survey template here.

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