Introducing: The Member Experience at Mednefits

At Mednefits, we believe that our members deserve better than the very best. We constantly strive to provide a user experience like never before. Rather than explaining all of our amazing features in a huge chunk of text, a picture (or video, in this case) tells a thousand words. Take a peek into the member experience at Mednefits as we walk you through the functions of our mobile application.

Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible for our members. People don’t fully understand their benefits plans and are often confused by the complicated jargon and concepts. That’s perfectly understandable, but it’s certainly not an ideal situation. Mednefits simplifies the whole process of consuming health and wellness services so that our members get to enjoy a seamless experience.

Upon launching the app, members are greeted by the main page where they can search for health partners who are in the vicinity. Choose a category of health services and the app will automatically show a list of health professionals, with the nearest by distance being at the top.

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From there, members can also view more details about the health provider, like the services they offer.

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The main page is also home to the member e-card, which is used for verification purposes by health partners. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of forgetting your insurance card (or even worse, misplacing it), and caused a ton of avoidable trouble for yourself?

With the member e-card, you only need your mobile phone, and can spare yourself the inconvenience of searching for that tiny card when you really need it. You can also view the details of your benefits coverage in the e-card.

Next up is the hot favourite of every employee, the Mednefits Credits. Members can check their credit balance and spending in their e-wallet. Mednefits Credits can be used to pay for services provided by health partners and are allocated to members by their employers.  

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Members are able to make cashless payments by simply scanning a QR code that is unique to each health professional.

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From there, members enter the amount they are required to pay, followed by their payment password to authorise the payment. Done! That’s all you need to do. Say goodbye to administrative claims, both employees and employers no longer need to go through the hassle of all that paperwork. Everything is complete with the scan of a QR code.

For users without a smartphone or prefer to browse their records on a bigger screen, Mednefits also has a desktop version of our platform. Just like the mobile app, members can keep track of their spending and visits.

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They can also be reimbursed through an out-of-network claim by uploading and submitting their receipts. Your employees deserve only the very best. How about rewarding them with something that money can’t buy? A stunning, top-notch employee benefits experience is priceless. Get Mednefits today!

Find out how Mednefits is making affordable healthcare a reality for SMEs in Singapore.

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