Keep employees happy - why workplace stress management is crucial

June 7, 2018


Ever felt that your employees are working hard, but their performance isn't up to par? Ever felt that the tension in your workplace is just too intense? You can’t seem to pinpoint what is causing it all, but look no farther, this could all be due to stress.

Yes, stress may be a good thing when it acts as a motivator for employees. Unfortunately, too much stress will instead have the opposite effect. Employers need to understand this, and learn that taking care of employees’ mental health is the key to bringing the business to the next step. Workplace stress management can be considered as a type of employee benefits, which definitely has its own set of advantages.

Employers who are able to effectively manage their employees’ stress levels will see their efforts paying off. Stress management not only affects an individual employee, but the entire workplace.The benefits of having a proper workplace stress management strategy include, but are not limited to:

Boosting employees’ productivity

Overly-stressed employees are significantly more disengaged with their work compared to their counterparts, cites a research by Willis Tower Watson. When employees are not engaged at work, productivity levels plummet. Ensuring that employees operate with an optimal amount of stress will help to maximise their productivity, which is why it is so important for employers to look out for their employees’ mental welfare.

Reducing employee absenteeism

Stress is not only a matter of the mind. All that pent-up frustration can take a toll on your employees physically, causing them to fall sick and be absent from work. The same research by Willis Towers Watson noted that highly stressed employees were on sick leave for 4.6 days on average, compared to 2.6 days for employees with low levels of stress. Absenteeism due to stress is lost cost that can be avoided, if employers can create a more enjoyable working environment.

Attracting talents and retaining employees

Nowadays, attracting and retaining talents is more than just the pay check. If your company offers a pleasant working environment, chances are that prospective talents and current employees are more willing to work for you.

Fostering a strong company culture

When your employees are happy, they will be more engaged with their work and are more willing to put in their best effort. This in turn helps cultivate positivity in the workplace and nurture the relationship between co-workers, strengthening the culture of the organisation.

One way to ensure that workplace stress is at a healthy level is to cultivate a wellness culture. Healthy employees are happy employees, and being physically well puts employees in a better position to cope with stress. Learn how you can create a wellness culture.

Now that you have understood the importance of managing your employees’ mental well-being, it’s time to take action to keep them happy. Monitor your employees for signs of stress or talk to them about their problems. All these small actions will make a big impact on your employees’ satisfaction levels, and take your business to greater heights

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