Last-minute Chinese New Year office activities

January 21, 2020


Chinese New Year is right around the corner! Still haven't had a chance to organise your team's festivities yet? Here are some quick and easy activities to get you inspired.

1) Toss up good fortune with “Lo Hei Yu Sheng” (also known as the prosperity toss / 捞起魚生)

Lo Hei is a staple activity for families and workplaces during this auspicious holiday. Each ingredient symbolises a prosperous prophecy, which are then tossed into the air - the higher the better! Arrange a lunch at a restaurant or simply order online for delivery and have the Lo Hei right in the office.

Photo from ladyironchef

2) Arrange an office potluck

A potluck is an engaging way to have everyone in the office contribute a piece of their family traditions. Want to engage in some friendly competition? Come up with a theme for one dish that everyone can put their own twist on - like a chili fest or dumpling party.

Photo from The Singapore Women’s Weekly

3) Digital red packets (also known as hong baos / ang baos)

Apps like WeChat have made hongbaos a lot more engaging and fun. Sending your team red packets has never been easier. DBS has launched digital hongbaos with QR codes that can be sent to up to 10 people at once. Other local banks have also been crafty in producing augmented reality red packets and fully digital e-hongbaos

Photo from The Straits Times

4) Offsite activity

Take the team off-site for a team bonding activity - such as a cooking class, soccer match, or painting class. A different refreshing environment can inspire new ideas for the new year! Of course, don't forget to capture the moments.

Our team decided to go bowling!

5) Paper cutting and office decorations

Channel office creativity by hosting a decorating party! Choose to source decorations or host a paper cutting workshop with the team.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba

6) Spring cleaning your digital files

Give your team a time to reorganise their belongings, clean out their inboxes, and restructure their files. Although these are activities the team engages in on a daily basis, it’s always nice to have a reminder for the entire office to dedicate time to do it.

7) An extra long weekend

A rewarding perk would be to give your team an extra half day or full day off to start the festivities early or prolong the long weekend! Giving your team the time to recharge will be appreciated by everyone. 

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson

Whether you decide to implement all of the following activities or just a few, we hope this list can inspire you to add extra delights to the office during this time of year. 

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!

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