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What types of strategic partnerships is Mednefits interested in?
Insurance brokers with a local clientele for Employee Benefits, Group Life, Group Medical insurance are complementary with Mednefits' standalone outpatient benefits platform. Businesses that have services or products in HR, such as HRMS platforms and business/management consulting firms would also be a good fit.
What is Mednefits?
Mednefits is a leading employee benefits platform that connects companies and their employees directly to healthcare providers. Our mission is to help employers take care of their employees. We believe that great employee benefits should be ubiquitous among employers of all sizes. That’s why we created a platform that enables employers and their employees to access a variety of benefits all at once.
What types of benefits does Mednefits include?
Mednefits provides outpatient benefits such as GP, dental, traditional Chinese medicine, specialist, optical, wellness, and more. Companies can also open up non-panel categories for enhanced flexible offerings that can be managed on the platform as well.
How do I work with Mednefits?
You're at the right place. Simply complete the form on this page and a member of our Partnerships team will set up a call to discuss opportunities.

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