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“Our team used to spend tens of hours each month sorting through our medical claims but with Mednefits, it has been automated and saved us so much more time.”

“Mednefits has created the opportunity for us to build our employee benefits plan with various range of partners and our scope of budget. With flexi setup through backend process and customisable tiers, it helps us manage the employees’ access seamlessly.”

“We had been using Mednefits for more than a year and we enjoyed using Mednefits because the platform is very user-friendly, and the team is very professional and knowledgeable. Overall, it was a great experience to work with Mednefits and we will keep using Mednefits as our service provider.”

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We connect companies to a network of 4000+ medical and wellness providers in Singapore and Malaysia, and provide them with benefits management tools. On top of a platform that automates and simplifies benefits management, we offer add-on services such as claims processing and on-site programmes. Whether you’re looking to get started with providing benefits or looking to add-on benefits to your existing policy, get in touch with a Benefits Specialist to learn more.

Billing comprises of two parts.

1. Platform pricing

Platform pricing will be chargeable on a monthly basis based on enrolled headcount indicated prior to your plan start date. Subsequently, any additional headcount added will be included in the billing for next month.

2. Employees’ utilisation of entitlement dollars on benefits provided (i.e. spending)

A separate invoice will be issued for panel and non-panel (if any) spending by employees within the platform for the month (i.e. pay per use).

Get in touch with a Benefits Specialist to find out more.

A minimum headcount of 3 is required to create a corporate account.

We work with a diverse range of organisations from different industries, helping them to personalise their benefits plan. We also work with companies that are looking to get started on offering outpatient and/or flexible benefits to their employees.

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