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Health Screening
1 complimentary basic health screening per plan year.
Dental Care
Up to 30% off for scaling & polishing, X-ray, tooth fillings, extractions, and more.
General Practice
Corporate rate for consultation. Medicine and treatment as charged.
Health Specialist
$70 consultation for cardiology, dermatologist, ENT, and more.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Corporate rate for consultation. Medicine and treatment as charged.
Wellness Benefits
Up to 40% off for fitness classes, meditation, message therapy, eye care and more.

Only the Best Providers for Your People

We partner with hundreds of trusted health providers islandwide in Singapore and parts of Malaysia that share our vision of excellence care.

With over 550 health & wellness providers
More than1600 physicians & health specialists

The Next Generation of Employee Benefits

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Digital Verification

Forgot your insurance card? Fret no more. With Mednefits E-Card on the app, you instantly qualify for corporate rates with our in-network health providers and easily access your health coverage.

Digital Wallet

The first digital wallet with pre-loaded credits from your employer. View your allocated credits on your Medical and Wellness Wallet and get a consolidated view of your past spending for in-network and out-of-network services

Cashless Payment 

The next generation of paying for healthcare. With one scan of a QR code, you settle your medical bill with Mednefits Credits and submit a claim to your HR.

Paperless Claims Submission  

Say goodbye to paper receipts. Simply snap a photo your receipt, upload your outstanding claims and get reimbursed faster.

Health Services Listing

No more scrambling through excel sheets trying to find the nearest clinic. With the health services listing via the app, find the nearest health providers and services in your proximity. Access care wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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