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With our one-connected platform, we empower you to seamlessly manage your company’s benefits, automate health claims and focus on work that matters.

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Leverage on real-time data from our platform on healthcare usage to drive better outcomes and optimise your healthcare spending.

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Differentiate your business from your competitors by delighting your employees with a consumer-style healthcare experience.

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Ease of Managing Employee Movement

No more ambiguity regarding what your employees are covered for. Easily view and amend your business account details and company health budget on a single dashboard.

Paperless Claim Approval

Reduce time spent manually handling hardcopy receipts. With Mednefits, simply approve or reject your employee claims with a click of a button.

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Real-time Usage Tracking

Access real-time data of your employee healthcare spend and visits, and make insightful, data-driven business cases.

Team Benefits Invoice

Tired of dealing with multiple invoices from different providers? With Mednefits, get a consolidated view of in-network and out-of-network transactions all on a single dashboard.

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Ng Zhenyu

Group HR Head, ViewQwest
Mednefits provided smarter and personalised solutions to manage our benefits for a better healthcare experience

Samantha Oh

HR Executive, 2359 Media

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