Insurance Licenses & Services

To enjoy the benefits of the platform, you are not required to use us as your insurance agent. We provide our non- insurance services, both paid and free, on the same basis regardless of whether you make us your agent. We encourage you to make us your agent, however, because we are the modern agent, marrying the best of technology and human expertise to deliver you excellent value and service. We believe you will find that using the full Mednefits platform maximizes your Mednefits experience – all employees’benefits, all in one place, including insurance benefits. If you make the wise decision to entrust Mednefits Insurance Agency with your insurance needs and make us your agent of record, here are some additional things you should know:

a)  We operate our health insurance agency business under the name Mednefits Pte Ltd (hereinafter “Mednefits Insurance Agency”). Mednefits Insurance Agency is licensed as an insurance agency in Singapore. In addition, the Mednefits employees with whom our customers transact insurance are also licensed insurance producers (certain administrative and technical support, and non-insurance services, may be provided by non-licensed employees).

b)  Mednefits Insurance Agency earns commissions from the sale of insurance products, paid by the insurance companies.

c)  The creation of a Mednefits account is free and the non- insurance services are offered on the same terms regardless of whether Mednefits is also used for insurance services.

d)  Our provision of insurance services is subject to our Users Terms of Service Policy, Privacy Policy, and any agreements you sign (such as an insurance application or contract).