How does mednefits work for your team?

Manage your employees’ benefits (and costs) on a simple, HR-friendly platform

Step 1

Create custom benefits plans for your team

Customise your benefits budget according to the types of benefits, employee tiers, and options for dependents.

Step 2

locate and browse panel providers near you

Employees can search for the services they need with just one tap in their benefits app

Step 3

digital verification at providers when employees visit

No card? No problem. Verification is linked to the employees’ digital account for registration at panel providers.

Step 4

cashless payments at panel providers

Employees can deduct their payment directly from their app, which eliminates the need for employees to submit claims and await for reimbursements.




mednefits customers spend 90% less time with benefits onboarding, tracking claims, and managing benefits.

Time to get started!

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