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Benefits Management Tools

Self-service tools and basic workflows for HRs to easily administer benefits policy & manage employee benefits data.

Monitor Usage in Real-Time

Instant visibility on employees' entitlement dollars and get the data you need to derive actionable insights.

Control Cost with the Flexible Benefits Model

Encourage shared responsibility between employee and employer. Allow employees to manage their yearly entitlement according to their needs.

Wide range access to health & wellness providers

Get islandwide access to a great variety of providers, giving employees options and convenience all within an app.

Cashless experience for employees

Why pay out-of-pocket and submit claims when you can scan-and-pay with ease.

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a cloud-based platform

Case Study

WIS Holdings X Mednefits

WIS Holdings

Industrial Services Provider

Group of employees learning together

The Challenges

Want to provide more than just medical benefits to employees on the ground.

Needed a digital & automated way for employees and company to track benefits.

The Solution

Implemented a flexible benefits policy whereby 50% of the total entitlement dollars could be used for wellness related benefits (e.g. dental & optical).
Their unique company policy is easily managed with benefits management tools via Mednefits

The Results

Employees given greater variety of choice and autonomy.
Company is able to provide relevant benefits to employees at scale, whilst keeping costs stable.

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