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Starter Plan
Explore automation tools, increase your panel coverage and give employees a cashless experience.
Enhanced Plan
Unlock full suite panel access and experience the Flexi Benefits Model with advanced customisation.
Premium Plan
Quick and easy way to have Mednefits manage all your flexi benefits needs.

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What is Mednefits?
Mednefits is an all-in-one employee benefits platform for corporate outpatient and flexible benefits. We connect companies to a network of 5000+ medical and wellness providers in Singapore and Malaysia, and provide them with benefits management tools.
How does my company get started with Mednefits?

Step 1: Customise your benefits policy with the help of a Benefits Specialist

Step 2: Select a Plan Type and any add-on services or features

Step 3: Enrol employees into your company HR portal and allocate their benefits entitlement

Step 4: Onboard and start using Mednefits!

How much does it cost to use Mednefits?
Mednefits offers 3 plan types - Starter, Enhanced and Premium that caters to your different customisation needs. We offer add-on features and services as well.
Is there a minimum headcount for my organization to create a corporate account with Mednefits?
A minimum headcount of 3 is required to create a corporate account.
What kind of corporate clients does Mednefits serve?
We work with a diverse range of organisations from different industries, helping them to personalise their benefits plan. We also work with companies that are looking to get started on offering outpatient and/or flexible benefits to their employees.

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