We empower businesses to create a happy and healthy workplace.

Managing and accessing health benefits should be:
simple, affordable, and human.

Rising healthcare costs
Burden of manual administrative hassle
Poor healthcare experiences

are issues that plague companies today.

In particular, current options in the market heavily favour the larger enterprises and SMEs are simply underserved.

What We Do

At Mednefits, we believe in empowering business to access affordable benefits, simplify day-to-day benefits administration and customise their benefits. Above all, to provide a better healthcare experience - the kind we want for ourselves, and our loved ones.

Who We Help

We believe all business - startups, small business or large enterprises - should have affordable access to health benefits, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Legal Firms

Our Values

Empathy over Ego

We see from our customers perspective and speak from their view. Our customers are our real True North.

Brutally Honest

Underpinning the relationship in the team is trust and love. We share our honest views with each other, much as best friends do.

Think Big

Our dreams shape our reality. Nobody changed the world by thinking small.
The first step to achieve is to believe.


We will never know all the answers. We always seeking improvement, open to feedback, and willing to listen.

Dare to Fail

We encourage our people to go beyond their comfort zone, to explore the unknown and have the courage to fail.

Challenge & Commit

We challenge decisions when we disagree, for the better good of the team. Once a decision is made, we commit wholeheartedly.

Move Fast

To offer the best solution & demonstrate value over the incumbents, speed is not our advantage. It’s a necessity.

The Mednefits Story


How it all started

'Victims' of Singapore's high healthcare cost, Chris and Hadiyanto were inspired to figure out a way to tackle the rising cost in a sustainable and affordable manner. The two childhood friends saw an opportunity to fill this gap in the workforce healthcare industry and started Medicloud (what was named prior to Mednefits).


Understanding the pain points

After months of working as a side project, the co-founders quit their jobs in June 2015 to focus full time in building Medicloud (aka Mednefits). In early 2015, Chris and Hadiyanto went to work in clinics as part-time nurses for three months to understand their pain points.


Raised seed funding of S$1 million

With the funding, the co-founders hired early core team of engineers to continue building and improving on the product. The company rebranded from Medicloud to Mednefits , focusing on the belief to deliver better employee benefits to the underserved.


Launched end to end enterprise beta version

comprise of both web and mobile application for both company and employee. Improved version of a cloud-based system to process claims and billing for the healthcare providers.


A team driven by a single mission

The Mednefits team has grown (and still growing) across Southeast Asia. Supported by over 400 health providers islandwide, we are committed to delivering the best health benefits to over 250 small and medium enterprises under our care.


Expansion into Malaysia

2nd market opens up in major cities of Malaysia, in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, bringing better healthcare to the main cities of the country. In the 2nd half of the year, Mednefits closed a S$5 million Series A round funding.

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