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There’s an e-solution to reimbursements.
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Hours Saved

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Employee Satisfaction

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Cost Reduction

on GP consultations

hours saved

annually on administrative work

employee satisfaction

with their benefits experience

cost reduction

on GP consultations

Companies submitting claims manually by reimbursement are making the switch to Mednefits.

With Mednefits
  • Save on time and costs with an easy to use automated platform.
  • Pay a fixed $13 corporate rate per GP consultation.
  • Hands-off, real-time data on employee benefits usage.
  • Everything important saved and processed digitally.
On Reimbursement
  • Inefficiency processing employee healthcare claims manually.
  • Paying walk-in rates at $30+ per GP consultation.
  • Time consuming to track individual employee benefits usage.
  • Missing paper trail of receipts leads to frustration.

There's lots to like.

Lower costs

More affordable healthcare benefits at corporate rates.

Save time

Automate healthcare claims for employees and HR with an easy to use platform.

Easy to manage

Real-time data on employee benefits usage and consolidated invoices.

Convenient access

Full range of health and wellness providers islandwide.

Unlock lower rates on medical and wellness benefits

GP Consultations
Health Screening

The Mednefits Basic Plan is free to join.

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Stories from our customers

WIS Holdings

“We ensure that our workers are provided with the best medical benefits and access to wellness facilities.”


“Stretch your dollar by investing in a provider that genuinely cares for your people.”


“Benefits is something we value because we value people.”

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