There’s a better solution to insurance

that gives your team more perks.
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more flexibility on the benefits your organisation needs.


transparent, pay-per-use pricing at affordable costs.


on an all-in-one employee benefits platform for your team.

Companies that want to give employees more while experiencing rising premiums are joining Mednefits.

With Mednefits
  • Mitigate rising costs by setting budget caps and get 20% extra savings each year.
  • Get actionable insights with real-time data on benefits usage.
  • Maximise HR budgets with a standalone flexible outpatient benefits plan.
  • Quick, frictionless onboarding for members.
On Insurance
  • Rising premiums regardless if plans are over or under-utilised.
  • No real-time data or transparency on benefits plan usage.
  • Insurance often bundled with costly inpatient GHS plans.
  • Lengthy onboarding process due to underwriting.

There's a lot to like.

Better benefits

Flexible benefits arrangements customised to your HR policy.

Save time

Automate healthcare claims for employees and HR with an easy to use platform.

Easy to manage

Real-time data on employee benefits usage and consolidated invoices.

Convenient access

Full range of healthcare providers islandwide.

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Stories from our customers

WIS Holdings

“We ensure that our workers are provided with the best medical benefits and access to wellness facilities.”


“Stretch your dollar by investing in a provider that genuinely cares for your people.”


“Benefits is something we value because we value people.”