Ep 1: Employee benefits giving you tunnel vision?

Are you currently starting up your own company? Or perhaps you’re in the midst of expanding and growing your business? This episode shares the reality that business owners eventually face when it comes to administering employee benefits.

Ep 2: Help! HR is walking on a tightrope

Claims, claims – and more claims. James, the company HR, gives his boss what she asks for – his honesty (and oops, some pent-up frustration too!) How will his boss react...?

Ep 3: The compounded inefficiencies of manual benefits administration

For most cases, a shortcut to success does not exist. But HR James may have just found a way to solve his problem with the redundant and manual process of administering employee benefits. Turns out he's a lot wiser than he thought!

Ep 4: Take a breath, your claims are automated!

All hope seems lost for HR James.....Oh wait. Or, is it? Today, James went from zero to hero in front of his boss.

Ep 5: A new way to do benefits starts today

HR James and his Boss finally are finally able to secure and meet their mystery Mednefits benefits specialist for an in-person consultation and demo. This time, they know she won't just disappear *poof*

Mednefits Onboarding Experience

Mednefits is an employee medical benefits platform that pools together SMEs and connects them directly to medical providers at lower costs. The Mednefits platform automates healthcare claims and provides general practice (GP) consultations and other health benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional employee health insurance and walk-in rates.

RECHRGE by Mednefits: EP 1

Listen in to our pilot episode with Evelyn Chow, from Decode HR, as she discuss how The Great Resignation affected comapnies, how to motivate employees, and more.

RECHRGE by Mednefits: EP 2

In our second episode of RECHRGE, Mednefits has collaborated with Human Inc to explore employee perspectives on company culture, and how that can impact HR strategies.

ViewQwest & Mednefits: Customer Happiness Stories

See how ViewQwest got rid of the hassle of submitting and approving their claims. With Mednefits, they are happier and healthier HRs and employees.

WIS Holdings & Mednefits: Customer Happiness Stories

See how WIS Holdings empowers their employees with the flexibility to choose health and wellness benefits on top of their basic medical coverage.

Viddsee & Mednefits: Customer Happiness Stories

See how employee benefits have played a fundamental role in shaping the culture in Viddsee.