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Manual Reimbursement

Sarah, the HR manager in a manufacturing company is swamped with paperwork

Employees can:

Heavy Workload

John, a one-man HR team at an SME experiencing rapid growth, struggles with his growing workload.

John can:

MC Abuse

ABC Coffee, a Food and Beverage chain, experiences a rise in employee medical certificate (MC) submissions. This is:

ABC Coffee is now able to:

Benefits Overclaim

Star Technologies, using an insurance scheme for outpatient benefits, is concerned about the increasing cost of their premiums. They think is could be because of:

Star Technologies now has a platform that:

Juggling Multiple Benefits Policies

Lisa, HR manager at Smart Education, a growing private school, faces challenges with:

Lisa can now:

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Yes, Mednefits has a minimum headcount requirement depending on the product you choose:

  1. medFlex (Customisable Plan): Requires a minimum of 3 employees to create a corporate account.
  2. medPackage (Pre-set Packages): Requires a minimum of 50 employees to create a corporate account.

Mednefits is a platform that manages only outpatient and flexible benefits, on a pay-per-use model. As such, we do not offer any inpatient benefits coverage.

Mednefits focuses on managing outpatient and flexible benefits. The platform has features to handle everyday healthcare and wellness-related expenses, operating on a pay-per-use model. While we don’t offer traditional inpatient coverage, we offer competitive outpatient coverage packages. 

We offer competitive outpatient coverage packages through our Bring & Better Programme. Speak to Benefits Specialist on our Bring & Better Programme (terms & conditions apply).

Mednefits stands out in two key ways:

  1. Empowering Employee Choice: Unlike traditional benefits providers, we focus on flexible spending accounts for employees. This lets your employees choose to spend on the benefits that matter most to them, offering a personalised and engaging experience.
  2. Streamlined Administration & Cost Control: We go beyond basic expense management software by offering customisable benefits management. This means you can set clear spend control rules and eligibility requirements. Plus, approved claims automatically deduct from employee accounts, saving your administrators valuable time and ensuring updates to entitlement balance.

Absolutely! Mednefits goes beyond just tracking your claims. We offer a streamlined claims process:

  1. Seamless Claim Submission: Employees submit claims easily through their app.
  2. Real-time Tracking: You can monitor all claims activity in real-time via your HR portal.
  3. Simplified Reimbursement: For non-panel claims, Mednefits can process and directly reimburse employees on your behalf.

Absolutely! Even if your benefits period has started, you can still switch to Mednefits. We can easily transfer your existing employee benefit balances to Mednefits during the initial enrollment process. Plus, Mednefits allows for backdated claims, so you can still submit claims for eligible expenses incurred before switching.