Building Viddsee’s company culture with employee benefits

Many would have heard of overseas-based video content producers such as ViuTV, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In the same field, we have a local startup called Viddsee. Viddsee is a leading video entertainment platform for short premium content. The company also operates in other parts of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The founders, Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan, came from film-making backgrounds and had experiences building internet TV platforms

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Both of them felt that there was a very big gap in Southeast Asia with regards to storytellers and local stories getting out to local audiences. That was how Viddsee began. To produce the best content and achieve better company results, Viddsee needs its employees to be in the best of health and effective at work. Therefore, employee benefits are heavily valued in the company.

How does Viddsee value employee benefits?

Despite the cost of providing employee benefits, a startup like Viddsee still sees its value because it serves as a basis of building culture. Employees are the core of every business and their contributions are fundamental to attracting customers. When more customers are attracted, the business will be able to grow.

Benefits as the foundation of culture

“A very big part of how we see a company and building a business is actually building culture. As part of building culture, people are the core of how culture is built. In order to scale the company, you need to scale people and benefits is something we value because we value people.”

It is crucial to provide employees with basic needs, be it medical or dental benefits. These are the core foundations of culture. It’s only when these foundations are met, then culture can be built upon. Employees play a huge role in the progress of Viddsee. Thus, the founders are eager to take care of the welfare of every employee, so that they can give their best at work.

What attracted Viddsee to digital employee benefits?

Coming from a startup environment, we are very used to digital workflows and different services that we can control using a dashboard. Similar to Viddsee, Mednefits is also technology driven. Through the dashboard, employers and HRs are able to have an overview of the activities, manage employee movement and allocate benefits spending.

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As a startup, there are many young employees in the company who are familiar with digitalisation. In line with today’s consumer experience, most employees would expect a digital experience in their daily routines. From taking a ride to grocery shopping, we are now able to do all these just at our fingertips. Similarly, the Mednefits app is an all-in-one healthcare experience for individuals. From having an E-card to paying cashlessly after their healthcare visit, employees are able to find all these functions inside the app.

Geo-locating health partners in proximity

One key function is the geo-location service which enables employees to easily locate the nearest healthcare provider. Before our employees used Mednefits, they needed to spend time locating and understanding which panel of doctors they could visit. More often than not, employees had to check with HRs to find out more details. Now within the app, the location feature makes the experience of finding a clinic seamless. There is no longer a need to key the address into Google Maps and figure out where it is. Especially when one is sick, everyone wants an easy process of locating the nearest clinic.

“I just go right there, show them I’m a Mednefits user, scan a QR code and everything is paid for through the app. That has been quite helpful and seamless because now I don’t even need to carry my wallet with me.”

Ease of paying for healthcare visits

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As a video content creation company, Viddsee uses lots of technology in its daily work. One feature which stood out is the cashless payment system. “In line with us as a technology and entertainment company, a lot of how we want our brand and how everything interacts with our culture, we want it to be in line with today’s technology. So the whole cashless payment experience has been really helpful and it’s cardless, so it's not traditional from that standpoint.”

By using the Mednefits app, employees can pay cashlessly for healthcare visits using Mednefits Credits. These credits are pre-allocated by the employer and all transactions can be tracked in the digital wallet. With everything needed inside the Mednefits App, it has been a great experience for Viddsee’s employees for the past one year. “Mednefits has indeed helped in being able to have the ease to manage our benefits all in one place,” said Jia Jian.

Viddsee is a firm believer that even though the company is a startup, it is essential to care about employee benefits and ensure that they are enjoying the best possible. Benefits are a foundation of building culture. Over time, employees help develop the culture of the company and shape the development of Viddsee.

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