ViewQwest provides MNC-level benefits for their employees

ViewQwest is a homegrown Internet service provider serving Singapore Top 500 SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Starting out in 2001, the local SME has grown from 10 to around 100 employees today. It is also the first Singapore-based telecommunications provider to enter Malaysia. The company has been actively branching out into other services other than telecommunications and has aspirations to expand to other regions of Southeast Asia and China.

Why are employee benefits important?

Employees are at the very heart of driving innovation and delivering the best service to their customers. With technological innovation and customer-centricity as its core values, ViewQwest sees its employees as internal customers. The management team believe that before employees are expected to take care of customers’, employees first need to be taken care of. Hence, employee benefits are basic hygiene factors that need to be put in place to ensure that our employees are able to do their best for the company.

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How has ViewQwest benefitted from your partnership with Mednefits?

Prior to partnering with Mednefits, many employee benefits solutions that they came across seem standard and one-size-fits-all. In search of a unique solution that was affordable and catered to individual employees’ needs, they came across Mednefits which provided them with exactly what they were looking for.

“It was nice that Mednefits came along at that time with a one-stop shop solution, whereby I was able to work with the team as well as give my employees a fairly solid coverage in terms of their medical coverage along with a nice sweetener which was the fact that they were able to provide fringe benefits beyond healthcare.”

— Mr Eng Zhenyu, Head of Group HR

Affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage

“As an SME, I had a relatively conservative budget to work with. It’s easy for any HR practitioner to say let’s just give our employees everything... However, that is definitely not going to be very sustainable for the future.” Affordability is a huge concern for many SMEs. In today’s competitive landscape for talents, SMEs need to be able to offer attractive employee benefits to compete against MNCs which talents are more inclined to join.

This substantial coverage is extremely value-for-money. As compared to regular walk-in rates for GP consultations, Mednefits helped to reduce the cost by 50%. Unlike other packages which we had come across in the market, the affordability of Mednefits Care Plan is a plus point for SMEs like us. Beyond that, Mednefits Customer Success Team also helped to organise a complimentary on-site health screening at our office for our employees. It was a pleasant experience because our employees need not personally head down to the clinic for a checkup, and our employees had the option to upgrade their health screening package according to their health needs.

Flexibility to personalise their benefits

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Besides providing affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage for my employees, Mednefits also provides services and a platform that delivers beyond the basic needs of what employees are looking for. Initially, we felt constrained by the different policies seen in the market such as getting allocated a certain amount of money, restricted to certain clinics and limited claims. It was challenging for ViewQwest to adopt such a rigid plan as it doesn’t give flexibility to our people.

On the other hand, besides the basic GP coverage, Mednefits also offers an islandwide panel of over 400 healthcare partners in dental, TCM, fitness classes, and wellness options. As such, healthy employees, who do not fall sick often, have the flexibility to customise their health benefits and improve their health and wellness from a wide variety of options. Just like how ViewQwest believes that every employee is unique and valued, the ability to empower employees to personalise their healthcare coverage strongly aligns to our company values.

Intuitive and easy to implement solution

ViewQwest was also looking for an easy to use solution which can be understood and implemented without much hassle. Traditional employee benefits providers typically offer policies which are filled with technical jargon and HRs are often left to sieve out the important and relevant details for employees. The lack of explanation makes it challenging for HRs to first have to digest the complex details and thereafter, communicate them to the employees. With Mednefits, it was a delightful and seamless onboarding experience when the Customer Success Team came down to explain our benefits coverage and how to use the Mednefits App. When we had any queries, the team also addressed them on the spot.

“The Mednefits App is very intuitive - once the employees came on board, we asked them to download the app and off they go. Even when there were any hiccups, the Mednefits team was always ready to resolve any issues.” Overall, the solution that Mednefits has offered allows us to stretch our employee benefits budget with a wider range of healthcare coverage, gives our employees the flexibility to customise their health benefits as well as an intuitive, plug-and-play solution that has a great user experience.

Save time by automating manual, administrative work

“For the HR side, it’s definitely in line with us being a tech firm, to have this seamless process of administering the benefits program.”

— Ms Vyann Liew, HR Executive

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After coming onboard Mednefits, our HR department has experienced a 30% reduction in time spent on administrative work, cutting down the time needed to check on employees’ MCs, and processing their claims. By reducing the time spent on administrative work, my team has been able to devote more attention to work that matters. Believing in employee and customer centricity, ViewQwest is eager to take care of its employees and they appreciate the healthcare benefits that Mednefits offers. Coupled with the positive onboarding experience and affordability, employees are glad to continue using Mednefits.

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