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WIS Holdings is a leading provider of integrated services in Asia and beyond, that provides green and sustainable solutions for sectors including commercial, hospitality, healthcare, among others. Their core businesses include cleaning, waste management, pest control, landscaping and industrial services. Established in 1981, WIS Holdings can also be found in Malaysia, China and the Middle East.

Empowering a manpower-intensive workforce

"As a manpower-intensive company of 12,000 staff worldwide, we consider our employees as our greatest asset," said Chief Commercial Officer Kelvin Lee. Because of this huge number of employees, WIS Holdings greatly values employee benefits and wants the best for everyone. He added, “In our line of work, it is important to be fit and healthy, therefore we spare no expense to ensure that our workers are provided with the best medical benefits and access to wellness facilities.

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In view of providing the best possible employee benefits, the company wants to:

The 2017 Singapore Employee Health and Benefits Study conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) found that many employers are keen to offer flexible benefit programs and allow individuals to take care of their individual well-being. Having flexible benefits now appears to be one of the main interests of many companies. Similarly, WIS Holdings is keen to offer the same in order to empower its employees. With Mednefits, WIS Holdings has successfully achieved positive results in ensuring the welfare of workers.

Making the shift from treating sickness to healthy living

Rather than see more employees fall sick, there is gradually higher regard being placed on employee wellness in a bid to encourage employees to stay healthy. Providing incentives for employees to stay healthy can motivate them to contribute more while working. As such, apart of medical credits, WIS Holdings has allocated 50% of the entitlement balance into the wellness program.

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With the introduction of the wellness program, employees are given the freedom to choose from a wider range of healthcare services such as dental, optical and other wellness services. The demographics of the workforce is diverse with employees ranging their 20s to 60s. Different age groups have different health needs. For example, the young would prefer to keep fit and healthy possibly by attending the gym or yoga classes.

Meanwhile, the aged could face more health issues or fall sick more easily. The frequency of them visiting a clinic might be higher than that of the younger workforce. As such, it is important for individuals to be able to personalise their health coverage.

Providing islandwide medical and wellness coverage for employees

Mednefits has an islandwide coverage of over 400 health and wellness providers. With this wide network for healthcare providers, employees who are deployed islandwide can easily locate a clinic in their vicinity. Through the aid of the GPS location service, employees can easily search for in-panel healthcare providers using the app. Finding a doctor can be done on the phone anywhere, anytime and at their own convenience.

Simplifying day-to-day benefits administration

Imagine the hassle of manually collating the bills, submitting claims individually and experiencing a long approval time, Mednefits has automated and sped the submission and approval of claims processes. This makes lives easier for all parties.

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After healthcare visits, employees can pay cashlessly using pre-allocated Mednefits Credits from their digital wallet for visits with in-panel health providers. For employees who visit healthcare providers outside of the Mednefits’ panel, they can also submit their out-of-network claims easily via the Mednefits App. All employees need to do is take a snapshot of the receipt, upload it and get reimbursed. For HRs, the approvals of these claims can be done instantly using the same platform, with the click of a button.

This seamless process reduces the burden for both employees and HRs. They can free up their time to focus on more important matters and provide greater contributions at work. All these benefits have helped WIS Holdings retain their employees and attract more talents to join them.

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