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MYR 0/member/month
MYR 3/member/month
pre-set benefits coverage
- medGP
flexible benefits & marketplace
- Panel✔️✔️
- Non-Panel✔️
- Reimbursement✔️
- Custom Category✔️
Billing Frequency For Spending*
*employee utilisation and claims that transact through Mednefits Marketplace
- Monthly✔️✔️
- Annually (save 20%)✔️✔️
Benefits Administration & Management
- Company Policies✔️✔️
- Employee Movement✔️✔️
- Real-time Utilisation✔️✔️
- Receipt Capture✔️
- 2-Level Claims Approval✔️
- Claims Push Notification✔️
- Custom Roles and Permission✔️✔️
- Multi Account Access✔️✔️
- ISO 27001 Certified✔️✔️
- MC Submission✔️✔️
- Itemised Billing✔️✔️
- Ticketing/Call support✔️✔️
- Dedicated Account Manager✔️
- HR Onboarding✔️
- Member Training✔️

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ISO 27001 certified

The Mednefits platform meets the standards of establishing, implementing, maintaining and
continuously improving our ISMS.

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Mednefits is an all-in-one employee benefits platform for simplifying employee benefits! We offer two key solutions:

  1. Flexible Benefits Management: Our customisable benefits software empowers companies to design and manage personalised outpatient + flexible benefits for their employees. This allows employees to choose the benefits that matter most to them, boosting engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Extensive Healthcare Network: We connect your company to a vast network of over 5,000 medical and wellness providers in Singapore and Malaysia. This gives your employees convenient access to a wide range of cashless outpatient care options, all on a self-funded basis.

Yes, Mednefits has a minimum headcount requirement depending on the product you choose:

  1. medFlex (Customisable Plan): Requires a minimum of 3 employees to create a corporate account.
  2. medPackage (Pre-set Packages): Requires a minimum of 50 employees to create a corporate account.

Mednefits offers flexible billing options to fit your company’s needs:

  1. medFlex (Customisable Plan): You’ll be billed based on a chosen subscription plan that aligns with your desired level of customisation. Additionally, you can choose between monthly or annual billing for employee usage within the plan.
  2. medPackage (Pre-set Packages): Billing is straightforward – you’ll be billed based on the total number of employees enrolled in the chosen pre-set benefits package.

Yes, dependents can be enrolled into Mednefits as long as the corporate’s benefits policy allows for dependents to be covered.

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