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On Air with 938Now: Mednefits explained

July 31, 2018

Co-founders Chris Teo and Hadiyanto Wibawa were on air with 938Now.

Check out the full podcast here:

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to go live with 938Now on The Breakfast Club with Keith de Souza. On the show, Chris and Hadiyanto shared more about the Mednefits story - why it all started, how we help SMEs and what's installed for us in the future.

Highlights of the show:

  • HR Tech Pilot Programme

We were introduced on the show as being one of the service providers for the HR Tech Pilot Programme. This grant allows SMEs to adopt digital solutions at an affordable rate. Find out more about the grant here.

  • The SME Benefits Dilemma

Why are SMEs in Singapore unable to afford employee benefits? How can they overcome these challenges? SMEs do not have the luxury of size to negotiate for corporate rates from insurers or health service providers, and as a result cannot provide benefits for their employees. In addition, many SMEs are still using traditional methods to manage benefits, which can be tedious and time-consuming. The desire to solve these problems and empower SMEs is what kick-started Mednefits.

  • How We Help SMEs

We explained how Mednefits helps to solve the SME benefits problem. Our platform for automating processes like claims and payment, the Mednefits Basic Plan (suitable even for SMEs with a few employees!), and our forward-looking network of health partners are just some examples of how we help to reduce time and money spent on benefits management.

  • What's Next?

Going strong in Singapore, we revealed some of our future plans. Of course, one goal is to be able to reach out to more SMEs and help them provide simple, affordable and human benefits for their employees.

Listen to the podcast above for the full details! As mentioned on the show, get in touch with Mednefits for more information!

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