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Why HR teams and employees love Mednefits.

Customise & implement dynamic benefits arrangement

Personalise the benefit options you give your people. Give them the flexibility in spending their flexi-dollars. All without the administrative hassle that comes along.

Monitor employee’s benefits usage in real-time

Track benefits usage within one portal. Prevent benefits abuse as well as the ability to reevaluate your benefits policy to cater to your people’s needs, at any time.

Automate employee movement events

Automate the tedious tasks taking up your HR’s time like, enrolment, claims update, employee transfers and pro-ration of benefits.

Personal digital wallet for benefits

Employees go through a cashless experience, know exactly what benefit you provide them and have the freedom to spend their budget on the benefits they want.

Full visibility on claims and reimbursements

Employees get notified on their claims and payment statuses automatically – no more back and forth with HR on their reimbursements.

Greater choice

Employees have access to a wide network of 5,000+ vetted healthcare and wellness providers through Mednefits.

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